Pathology Handbook

Test nameAlternative name for
CMV PCR (Tissue)
H.pylori cultureHelicobacter pylori culture
H630Hereditary Haemochromatosis Gene (Sendaway Test)
haematomaPus Culture
Haemochromatosis (HLA-H) GentotypingHereditary Haemochromatosis Gene (Sendaway Test)
Haemoglobin (Hb) DNA analysisThalassaemia Gene Testing
Haemoglobin Electrophoresis (Sendaway Test)
Haemoglobin H (Sendaway Test)
Haemoglobin sequencingThalassaemia Gene Testing
Haemoglobin-oxygen affinityP50
Haemoglobinopathy DNAThalassaemia Gene Testing
Haemolytic Complement; TotalTotal Haemolytic Complement (Sendaway Test)
Hair for fungal cultureDermatophyte Fungal Culture (Sendaway Test)
hazelnut allergenAllergen to Hazelnut
hazelnut allergyAllergen to Hazelnut
Hb DNAThalassaemia Gene Testing
Hb ElectrophoresisHaemoglobin Electrophoresis (Sendaway Test)
Hb FHaemoglobin Electrophoresis (Sendaway Test)
Hb HHaemoglobin H (Sendaway Test)
Hb HHaemoglobin Electrophoresis (Sendaway Test)
HbA2Haemoglobin Electrophoresis (Sendaway Test)
HBc IgMHepatitis B Core IgM
HBc TotalHepatitis B Core Antibody (Total)
HBsAbHepatitis B Surface Antibody
hCGalpha Glycoprotein Subunit (Sendaway Test)
hCG - alpha subunitalpha Glycoprotein Subunit (Sendaway Test)
HCO3Bicarbonate (Part of UEC)
HCVHepatitis C Serology
HDMDustmite (D.pteronyssinus) Allergen
Heart AutoantibodyAnti-Heart Antibodies (Sendaway Test)
Helicobacter biopsy urea testHUT test
Helicobacter pylori SerologyHelicobacter pylori IgG (Sendaway Test)
Hendra virus SerologyEquine morbillivirus Serology (Sendaway Test)
Hep A serologyHepatitis A IgM (Sendaway Test)
Hep A serologyHepatitis A IgG (Sendaway Test)
Hep C confirmationHepatitis C Supplemental/Confirmation Test (Sendaway Test)
Hep C PCRHepatitis C Virus RNA by PCR (Sendaway Test)
Heparin Induced Thrombocytopaenia Screen
Hepatic Iron IndexIron Tissue (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis A IgG (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis A IgM (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis B "e" antibody
Hepatitis B Antigen (Quantitative) (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis B Core IgM (Confirmation) (Sendaway Test)
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Hepatitis B DNA / Viral Load(Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis B DNA by PCRHepatitis B DNA / Viral Load(Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis B Genotyping.Hepatitis B Virus Sequencing (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis B Resistance TestingHepatitis B Virus Sequencing (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis B Surface AntigenHBsAg
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (Quantitative)Hepatitis B Antigen (Quantitative) (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Confirmation (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis B Virus Sequencing (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis C resistance testing
Hepatitis C Serology
Hepatitis C Supplemental/Confirmation Test (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis C Viral Load (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis C Virus Genotype (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis C Virus RNA by PCR (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis D Virus RNA by PCR (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis Delta Serology (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis E IgGHepatitis E Serology (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis E PCRHepatitis E viral load (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis E Serology (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis E viral load (Sendaway Test)
Hepatitis G Virus RNA by PCR (Sendaway Test)
Hepatititis B "e" Antigen (Quantitative)Hepatitis B Antigen (Quantitative) (Sendaway Test)
Herpes Simplex Serology (Sendaway Test)
Herpes Simplex Virus PCR - Formalin Fixed Paraffin SectionsHSV 1 & 2 PCR – Formalin Fixed Paraffin Sections (Sendaway Test)
Herpes Simplex Virus Type Specific AntibodyHSV Type Specific Antibody (Sendaway Test)
Herpes Smear for CytologyCytology - Tzanck Smear (Sendaway Test)
Herpes Virus Multiplex PCR (Sendaway Test)
HEVHepatitis E Serology (Sendaway Test)
HFEHereditary Haemochromatosis Gene (Sendaway Test)
HH6V SerologyHuman Herpes 6 Virus Serology (Sendaway Test)
HH8V PCRHuman Herpes 8 Virus PCR (Sendaway Test)
HHV6 PCRHuman Herpes 6 Virus PCR (Sendaway Test)
HIB SerologyHaemophilus Influenzae Type b Serology (Sendaway Test)
High Molecular Weight Kininogen Assay
HistologyAnatomical Pathology - Histology (Sendaway Test)
HistologyAnatomical Pathology - Location & Contacts (ALFRED)
HistologyBiopsy (Sendaway Test)
Histology - EBER ISH Paraffin SectionEpstein-Barr Virus encoded RNA (EBER) - Paraffin Section ISH (Sendaway Test)
Histology - Electron Microscopy on Muscle & Nerve BiopsyElectron Microscopy - Diagnostic Muscle & Nerve Biopsy (Sendaway Test)
Histology - Formalin First Aid Measures
Histology - Formalin Health & Safety
Histology - Formalin Spill Response
Histology - Frozen SectionsFrozen Sections (Sendaway Test)
Histology - HER2 ISH – Paraffin SectionHER2 ISH Paraffin Section (Sendaway Test)
Histology - Muscle BiopsyMuscle Biopsy (Sendaway Test)
Histology - Nerve BiopsyNerve Biopsy (Sendaway Test)
Histology - Specimen Handling Guide
Histology Gene Rearrangement (Tissue)Gene Rearrangement Analysis (Tissue) (Sendaway Test)
Histology Request FormsAnatomical Pathology - Specimen Acceptance for Alfred
Histology Specimen Containers
Histology – Electron Microscopy – Diagnostic (Renal)Electron Microscopy – Diagnostic (Renal) (Sendaway Test)
Histology-Cytogenetics (POC)Cytogenetics - Products of Conception (Sendaway Test)
Histology-Cytogenetics Solid TumourCytogenetics - Solid Tumour (Sendaway Test)
HistopathologyAnatomical Pathology - Location & Contacts (ALFRED)
HistopathologyBiopsy (Sendaway Test)
HITSHeparin Induced Thrombocytopaenia Screen
HIV CXCR4 receptor assay HIV CCR5 receptor assay Maraviroc resistance assay HIV Co-receptor Trophism assayCCR5-CXCR4 Tropism (Sendaway Test)
HIV p24 AntigenP24 HIV Antigen Serology (Sendaway Test)
HIV Proviral DNAHIV-1 PCR (Sendaway Test)
HIV Proviral DNA on Seminal PlasmaHIV-1 PCR on Seminal Plasma (Sendaway Test)
HIV RNA Genotyping (Sendaway Test)
HIV SerologyHIV
HIV Serology (Confirmation) (Sendaway Test)
HIV Tropism AssayCCR5-CXCR4 Tropism (Sendaway Test)
HIV Viral Load (Sendaway Test)
HIV Western BlotHIV Serology (Confirmation) (Sendaway Test)
HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitor Susceptibility (Sendaway Test)
HIV-1 PCR (Sendaway Test)
HIV-2 PCR Drug Resistance Genotype
HLA antibody testing (e.g. cytotoxic antibodiesHLA Antibodies (Sendaway Test)
HLA AntigensHLA Antibodies (Sendaway Test)
HLA typing for SjorgrensHLA Typing (Sendaway Test)
HLAB27HLA B27 (Sendaway Test)
Homocysteine (Sendaway Test)
HomogentisicUrine Metabolic Screen (Sendaway Test)
house dust miteDustmite (D.pteronyssinus) Allergen
HPSA TestHelicobacter pylori stool Antigen (Sendaway Test)
HPV PCRHuman Papilloma virus PCR (Sendaway Test)
hs-cTnITroponin I
HS-TNITroponin I
hsCRPHigh Sensitivity CRP
HSP70Anti-68kD HSP 70 Inner Ear Antibodies (Sendaway Test)
HSV 1 & 2 PCR – Formalin Fixed Paraffin Sections (Sendaway Test)
HSV Resistance Testing (Sendaway Test)
HSV SerologyHerpes Simplex Serology (Sendaway Test)
HSV Type Specific Antibody (Sendaway Test)
HSV-1 PCRHerpes Virus Multiplex PCR (Sendaway Test)
HSV-2 PCRHerpes Virus Multiplex PCR (Sendaway Test)
HTLV 1 PCR (Sendaway Test)
HTLV 1/2 Antibodies (Sendaway Test)
Hu antibodiesNeuronal Autoantibodies (Sendaway Test)
Human Chorionic GonadotropinHCG
Human Epididymal Protein 4HE4
Human Herpes 6 Virus PCR (Sendaway Test)
Human Herpes 6 Virus Serology (Sendaway Test)
Human Herpes 8 Virus PCR (Sendaway Test)
Human Immunodeficiency Virus SerologyHIV
HUT test
Hydatid Serology (Sendaway Test)
Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid 5; Urine5HIAA; Urine (Sendaway Test)